Today in the city Escalon 20.01.2019
Workday BrandVoice: The ‘Lone Genius’ Doesn’t Exist: How to Unlock Creativity and Innovation

David Eagleman, a Stanford neuroscientist and bestselling author, discusses how pushing ourselves to build new pathways and connections in our brains unlocks creativity and leads to innovation.

‘Beale Street’ Re-Creations Evoke 1970s Harlem

For weeks, director Barry Jenkins and the department heads of his latest film, “If Beale Street Could Talk,” met at production designer Mark Friedberg’s Manhattan home, where they crafted the look of...

How 10 of your favorite foods likely got their names

Food names can be very simple, but others need a bit more explaining. There are interesting historical backstories of some of your most-loved foods and their names. INSIDER found out the stories behin...

NFL Draft 2019: Latest First-Round Order and Mock Draft After Week 16

While the upper echelon of the NFL looks forward to the 2018 postseason, the rest of the football world has shifted its focus further into the future...

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